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Tax time doesn't have to be stressful. Our tax team is ready to help you file! Having a conversation with a preparer and getting a quote on your taxes is absolutely free! 

Here at She Does Taxes, we handle your taxes with utmost care. We understand that every tax situation is unique and requires special attentiveness! Our highly trained team of preparers are here to ensure a smooth, secure and personal tax preparation experience. 

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Our virtual office provides: E-signing, same day loans, secure client portals, all with a FREE quote...from home!

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You wouldn't build a house without a, you definitely shouldn't file your taxes without accuracy.

Our tax team prides itself on accuracy and we guarantee the maximum refund. If you owe, accuracy allows us to assist with lowering your tax bill!

Keeping our tax team current on tax law is how we manage to prepare taxes to meet the standards of the IRS; keeping casualties to a minimum!

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We all want to be 100% satisfied when it comes to customer service and client treament.

We strive to make sure to assist and communicate with you throughout the entire filing process and after!

Being available to our clients is top priority but most importantly, being approachable and kind; creating a safe environment for their questions and concerns. You will be heard and our responses will be quick and friendly!