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A female CEO is one of your most prized resources..."Do what you love, and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.” -Meg Whitman




Mrs. Paris "The Tax Captain" Hamilton

Wife     Entrepreneur      Believer     Positive Spirit     Author     Tax Professional 6+ yrs

Wifey P...

My husband is the true catch and holds the fuctionality power behind this brand! I do the taxes and he is our "guy in the chair". As COO, he works to keep all of your personal information safe online and keep our IT operations at 100%. Isaac has a soft spot for helping women in business, same as I do, and I am so honored he believed in me enough to come into this industry, invest and help scale a 6-figure tax business within our very first year! Not just for us, our tax preparers are making 5-6 figures using our strategies!


Working in my family's businesses and running the show since being a young girl, proved owning a business and creating multiple streams of income as one of my strongest talents. In addition to tax preparation, tax planning, and audit support, we offer a local rental car program to our community, life coaching, financial consulting, graphic/web design, and marketing training with much more to introduce in the near future!


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