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A story and a couple of valid reason to start a free tax office is what you'll find in this quick read! Written by Paris 'The Tax Captain' Hamilton, wife, lady-prenuer, author and founder of She Does Taxes, LLC! We believe you'll enjoy her easy-going, can-do tone and hopefully,  you will find a reason to give preparing taxes a try! 

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We were forged in the fires of the pandemic! We had to quickly figure out a way to help our clients in a virtual space which proved to be a challenging concept at the time. After getting our start in 2020, with just a hand-full of tax preparers in one state, we quickly grew to 30 tax preparers across the US! Toady we have a team of 60+ and counting... What's our secret to fast growing business? Amazing attitudes towards helping people file and understand their taxes, developed leadership, and a growth mindset toward collaborating with women in business.

"How To Win at Taxes"

We hope that by reading this e-book you can take at least 5 things with you! Navigating taxes is something we all have to deal with. Sucess comes with money, and money come with taxes! 

If you plan to be successful and win at life, we hope you plan to Win at Taxes! Enjoy!

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